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Cheryl Williams, Event Coordinator, Bear & Joey

​One of the best feelings in the world is the feeling of accomplishment when you have successfully created an amazing, lifelong memory for someone. It has been the number one driving force for the last 14 years of my career and the feeling I chase relentlessly.


After achieving my degree in Sales & Marketing in late 2007 in small-town Manitoba, I packed everything I owned into my Ford Focus and headed out on my own. My goal- Vancouver. I was going to hit that city with everything I had, and they didn’t know what was coming for them. I had a mission to dominate the marketing scene and nothing could stop me. I was gassed up, packed up, and off I went.


Whilst I never settled in Vancouver, I did make it to Victoria, a huge win in my books.


Life had a different plan for me though, and I spent 7 years building my knowledge of the hospitality industry in the interior. I started as an EA at a small RV resort, transitioned to the front desk at a golf resort, then progressed to managing the Sales & Events department for a full season resort. Whilst the roles, clientele, and service price-points ranged, the commonality was providing a memorable experience and building long-term client relationships.


My most recent success was my position as Conference Services Manager at the Oak Bay Beach Hotel here in Victoria for the last 6 years.  This position gave me so much more insight and knowledge into the world of events, from grand and extravagant, to understated and intimate, and everything in between.  As a result, I regularly dream about floor plans, setting up wireless microphones, and pinning corsages. All of which I could confidently do in my sleep! 


By day, I am the Events Coordinator for Bear & Joey, one of the most vibrant and unique event spaces in the city, with an amazing team behind the scenes. I couldn’t have landed a better gig. By night, I run Cypress Lane, a consultancy specializing in event-focused revenue development, social media, and marketing tactics for small businesses. I sit on the Vancouver Island Wedding Industry Association Board as Vice President and am a board member of SKAL International Victoria, an organization of professional tourism leaders around the world. In my free time, I volunteer as much as possible on the board of Citizens Counselling centre, a not-for-profit counselling centre, specializing in support services for hospitality industry persons.


My entire world is hospitality and events- I truly live and breathe this industry. I like to think that along my journey, I have picked up “a bit of know-how” on the event front, but I pride myself on constantly learning, and evolving. I am yet to meet a client or couple quite the same and love the challenge of pinpointing their unique needs and desires, then collaborating to create something truly special, and unique for both them and their guests.


Should you ever need a question answered or would like to discuss something you have coming up, I would love to hear from you!

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